“It is great that human rights are seen as a priority when it comes to IG, and it’s equally important that users know that they have rights online. As a young African woman in IG, I found myself reflecting on the discourse of gender rights online and how gender rights are perceived and tackled within the IG space. Some of the issues that women & LGBTQ communities face online are:

  • Revenge porn (e.g. leaking of nudes & private sex tapes)
  • Sexual harassment & stalking
  • Sexist jokes that promote rape and violence against women & LGBQT communities
  • Slutshaming
  • and loads more….”

Click here to read this full blog post Written by Yolanda Mlonzi .

Yolanda (@simply_omhle) is an AfriSIG alumni,  currently taking part in the Youth@IGF program and it is in this capacity she wrote the above blog focused this week on internet policy principles.

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