Blogs and interviews

These are writings and interviews with participants about an internet governance related topic or their overall experience

My first AfriSIG experience and takeaways
AfriSIG 2018: Sharing Knowledge and Building Capacity
Taking forward reflections from AfriSIG
École Africaine sur la gouvernance de l’internet et Convention de l’Union Africaine sur la Cybersécurité
Gender, culture and internet governance: A “cat among the pigeons” moment at AfriSIG 2018 Sheena Magenya (APC)
École Africaine sur la gouvernance de l’internet 2018
Reflections on my AfriSIG 2018 experience
What is the importance of youth and grassroots organizations in multistakeholder decision making? Interview with AfriSIG 2018 fellow Noha Ashraf Abdel Baky
How can multistakeholder processes be improved? Interview with AfriSIG 2018 fellow James Mutandwa Madya
Overview of the EuroSIG2018 and AfriSIG2018 Internet Society’s Collaborative internet governance project workshop experience
AfriSIG 2018: How does the General Data Protection Regulation affect Africa?
AfriSIG 2018: What happens when someone breaks your trust?
AfriSIG 2018: Reflecting on multistakeholder engagement in Africa
Welcome to the sunrises and sunsets of Zanzibar
I’m headed to AfriSIG 2018 and here’s why…

News and media coverage

African School on Internet Governance wins 2017 WSIS prize for international and regional cooperation
African governments are keen to participate in Internet Governance
Internet Universality underlined as key for Sustainable Development at the 4th African Internet Governance Forum
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