AfriSIG 2018 will be held in Zanzibar, Tanzania, at the Z-Ocean Kihinani Hotel.

Internet Society Collaborative Governance Project workshop
Arrivals: 9 October. The event will start on the evening of 9 October.
Day one: 10 October
Day two: 11 October

6th AfriSIG
Arrivals: 11 October. AfriSIG will start on the evening of 11 October.
Day one: 12 October
Day two: 13 October
Day three: 14 October
Day four: 15 October
Day five: 16 October
Departures late on the 16th or on the 17th.



African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG)

11-16 October, 2018

Zanzibar, Tanzania


IMPORTANT: Please read the full logistics advisory in order to prepare for your participation in the African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG).


International Travel


All participants should receive their return flight ticket to Zanzibar no later than Wednesday 3 October 2018. If you do not receive a copy of your ticket please contact Eunice Mwesigwa.  Your ticket was either issued by FCM Travel Solutions (, Travel Company ( or Key Travel (  For any emergencies while in transit you should contact the airline direct.  The airline’s 24/7 emergency contact number is on your ticket.


Essential travel items:

  • Passport that is valid at least six months from date of entry with two blank pages
  • Copy of your electronic ticket
  • This logistics advisory, which has all contact details you need while travelling
  • Invitation, visa and accommodation confirmation letters for visa on arrival
  • A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate if required
  • Medication for all your health needs
  • $USD 50 to 100 for your visa on arrival


NOTE: Some airports require an airport tax fee in cash. Please check with your departure airport if they charge airport tax fees.


If you are travelling with overnight stay in Addis Ababa please ask for your hotel voucher when you check in for your first flight. 


Visa requirements

Information on visa is here:

Most African countries are visa exempt.  For those that need to obtain a visa upon arrival please remember to carry your invitation letter, visa letter and hotel confirmation letters   The airline may also ask to see these letters before you board your flight.   You will be required to pay between US$50 – US$100 for your visa on arrival.


Yellow Fever Certificate

Please remember to bring your yellow fever vaccination certificate. Yellow fever vaccination is required for travellers who are arriving from, or have transited through countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.  Please note that you need to get your vaccine 10 days before travel. According to International Health Regulations of the World Health Organisation, a person who is required to have a vaccine but arrives without a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate shall be quarantined upon arrival. Information on countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission can be found here:



Tanzania has a high risk of malaria, and precautions are essential. The hotel has mosquito nets.  Sleep under a mosquito net and bring along some mosquito spray or cream and cover up with clothing to avoid mosquito bites. Doxycycline and mefloquine are commonly prescribed for travellers to Tanzania. For more information please refer to local medical advise, and information online.


Travel Insurance

We recommend that all participants obtain travel insurance for their trip.  Kindly ensure that this insurance covers the date of departure from your country until the date of your return.


Airport Transfers

Transportation will be arranged on arrival at the airport in Zanzibar, and upon departure from Zanzibar, by the Z-Kihinani Hotel. A representative from the hotel holding a paging board that has AFRISIG 2018 will be at the arrivals.

Should you not meet up with the arranged airport transfer, you will be liable to pay your own airport transfer costs.


Accommodation and venue

Accommodation has been booked at:

Z Oceanview Kihinani

Zanzibar City, Tanzania

Tel: +255  776531214


APC has a policy of asking participants to share rooms. Sponsored participants will be assigned to a shared room with two beds. Questions about rooming can be directed to Eunice Mwesigwa, 


Oceanview Kihinani is located on the beach and there is a pool on-site.  Please bring your swimming costume.


Meals and per diems

All meals will be provided during your stay in Zanzibar.  No cash per diem will be paid as all meals are being covered by APC.  Alcoholic beverages must be paid by the individual. There will be a group dinner on either 14 or 15 October 2018. We kindly request participants to prepare to sing a song from your home country during the group dinner.


Local travel and visa expenditures

As previously communicated, visa and local travel costs in your home country are expected to be covered by the participants. Airport transfers in Zanzibar will be covered by APC.


Personal expenses

International and local telephone calls, laundry, use of the mini bar and all other personal expenses such as additional drinks and meals must be paid by the individual who ordered them before you check out of the hotel.


Dietary and Special Requirements

Please inform APC by Monday 8 October, if you have any special dietary requirements – vegetarian, halaal and food allergies; and of other health and special requirements that you might have.



Wireless connectivity is available at the hotel in Zanzibar. You may also buy a local Sim card at the airport on arrival.



The average temperature in Zanzibar in between 25 and 29 October degrees Celsius. Rain is common but does not usually last all day.   For an indication of the  temperatures during your stay please log in here:



Tanzania uses sockets and plugs Type D and G. The standard voltage is 230 V. Please bring your own adaptor.




The currencies used in Zanzibar is US$ and Tanzania shilling.  The rate of exchange from US Dollars as of 01 October is 1 USD = 2,286 TZS.

Not all places accept payment by credit card and those who do charge 6 -10% extra for payment with credit card. The hotel charges 6% extra for any credit credit card payments.
You can withdraw cash at ATM’s at the airport on arrival.  Please ask the driver to allow you time to withdraw cash if you need any.



Swahili and English are the languages used in Zanzibar. Swahili is the official and most commonly used language.



Exercise safety precautions like you would in any big city.


Green practice

We request participants to be cautious while using electricity, water and producing waste. Make sure that the lights and A/C are off when not in use.

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