Blogs, interviews, media

These are writings and interviews with participants about an internet governance related topic or their overall experience

What happened at the seventh African School on Internet Governance in N’Djamena, Chad?
Three women shaping the future of the internet in Africa
Taking the internet governance gospel from Africa to the world
The wretched of the earth and internet governance: Are multistakeholderism and community networks the solution?
The role of African governments in shaping internet governance policy
Afrisig: un modelo a seguir sobre cómo enseñar gobernanza de internet en otros continentes
The importance of the African Internet Governance Forum
AfriSIG, the school for internet techies who want to learn policy
The African IGF and the efforts on building a roadmap on ICT at a continental level
A need for a sustainable environment discussion in the internet governance space
Negotiation and internet governance: heated debates, dinner conversations and post-event reflections
Making digital rights and internet governance conversations appealing and relatable with new media
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