We recommend the following literature and links to prepare for the African School on Internet Governance. Documents in bold should be prioritised for reading prior to the school:


APC ICTs Policy Handbook (second edition)

An introduction to internet governanceHuman Rights and Internet Governance_AfriSIG 2019

Resolution on the Right to Freedom of Expression on the Internet in Africa adopted by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) in Banjul on 4 November 2016

Braamfontein communiqué on the role of national human rights institutions in protecting and promoting human rights online in Africa

African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms

Feminist Principles of the Internet

Women’s rights, gender and Internet governance

Inside the Information Society: ICTs, the Internet and structural inequality

The human rights paradigm in internet governance: An interview with David Souter

Watching Cameroon through the lenses of the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms

Internet governance and development

Extracting lessons from NETmundial

Beyond Access: Addressing Digital Inequality in Africa

ICT and SDGs: How Information and Communications Technology Can Achieve The Sustainable Development Goals

Intersection between women’s rights and internet governance in Uganda

Internet for Men?: The Digital Marginalisation of Women in Northern Nigeria



Personal Data Protection Guidelines for Africa: A joint initiative of the Internet Society and the Commission of the African Union

African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection

Briefing document: Cybersecurity policy and human rights

A rights-based approach to cybersecurity: Recommendations and considerations from a 2017 Internet Governance Forum pre-event

Cybersecurity Culture, Norms and Values

Inside the Information Society: The future of cybersecurity

EU Data Protection Package – Lacking ambition but saving the basics

Data protection: Rules for the protection of personal data inside and outside the EU

GDPR – Not Just An EU Concern: The Implications For Africa

Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations (CMM):  The country studies conducted so far

Big Brother Watch and others vs United Kingdom, European Court of Human Rights, September 2018

Understanding the Difference between Cyber Security and Cyber Crime



African Union Declaration on Internet Governance and the Development of African’s Digital Economy

Issues in AU Declaration on Internet Governance

Addressing Uganda’s Transparency and accountability challenges

Public Statement: Uganda government should take a different path to social media and mobile money taxation

Inside the Information Society: The what and why of multistakeholder participation

Inside the Information Society: Multistakeholder participation, a work in progress

Inside the Information Society: Mutistakeholderism and multilateralism

Inside the Information Society: Enhanced cooperation for enhanced cooperation?

Inside the Information Society: The Internet – but whose jurisdiction?

Lifting the veil on ICT gender indicators in Africa

A toolkit for researching women’s internet access and use

UNESCO: What if we could all govern the internet

KICTANet: 10 years of ICT Policy Discourse in Kenya

IGF Academy Transfer Guide: Sharing Learning and Experience

Mapping of multi-stakeholder structures related to digital policies and decision-making in Africa


2019 Presentations

Self study lecture to: The history of the Internet with Dr. Wolfgang Kleinwaechter

Ariel Barbosa: Internet governance and the impact on the environment

Bob Ochieng: ICANN and the Internet Ecosystem

Gayatri Khandhadai: Human Rights and Internet Governance

George Sadowsky: Early networking history in Africa

Josephine Miliza: How the unconnected are connecting themselves

Koliwe Majama: Internet governance and exclusion / inclusion. Gender

Leila Nachawati: AfriSIG 2019 Communications orientation

Mallory Knodel: Internet architecture and protocols

Mothobi Onkokame: Access and beyond access: the state of internet access and infrastructure in Africa

2019 Practicum

AfriSIG2019M17M Practicum


Key Reading:

The Age of Digital Interdependence

Report of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation

Preparatory Webinar Presentation  – Avri Doria

29 & 30 August 2019

South Africa is caught up in the global hype of th fourth industrial revolution Alison Gillwald

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