sekoetlane-phamodiSekoetlane Phamodi is a Black feminist activist who has his training in journalism and law. He has been involved in freedom of expression and media advocacy for four years, leading public-interest interventions for the delivery of people-centred broadcasting services in South Africa with the Save our SABC Coalition. He has extended his work into the intersections of human rights and ICT policy in the global South, where his approach to ICT policy and practice has lain in grounding technical issues within a social justice framework that rights bearers can meaningfully engage with to claim and secure their rights. He currently coordinates regional ICT policy advocacy for the African continent with APC.

Sekoetlane is currently the Africa ICT policy coordinator at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). He coordinates APC’s network development and strategic plan implementation in Africa, with an emphasis on internet rights, governance and policy.

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