Koliwe is a Zimbabwe born journalist, digital and media rights activist with over 15 years experience. Her journalistic experience includes working in both the print and broadcasting media as a desk reporter and producer/presenter with the country’s national broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. Earlier this year she ventured into digital journalism as a blogger with the launch of her personal website [Hyperlink], where she analyses broadcast and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in Africa within global developments. In her current position as Programme Officer for Broadcasting and ICT at the Media Institute of Southern Africa’s Zimbabwe Chapter, Koliwe is involved in lobby and advocacy work for diversity, plurality and democratic governance of both sectors. In her position, held since 2007, Koliwe has contributed significantly to the development of the community broadcasting movement and calls for broadcasting reforms in Zimbabwe.

As an alumni of the African School of Internet Governance (AfriSIG) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) fellow, Koliwe has over the past two years also left her footprint in Internet Governance discourses in not only Zimbabwe’s internet governance processes, but also regional and global forums. She has managed to do through research, multi-stakeholder engagement, networking and thought leadership.

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