Topic: Network neutrality and zero-rated services in Africa

Coordinator: Towela Nyirenda-Jere

Task: Participants were asked to prepare a document of minimum 1 page, maximum 2 pages (A4, 10 point Arial or Times Roman font) addressing the following questions which will form advice to be given to stakeholders at the Africa IGF.

  1. Why is net-neutrality important and is it (really) an issue for Africa? What should Africa’s position be on net neutrality? Do you think there is a need for net neutrality regulation in Africa?
  2. What are the pros and cons of zero-rating? In your opinion, does zero-rating violate net neutrality? What impact might zero-rating have on innovation and local content development? (consider the scenario where an app developer/provider must pay for the user’s bandwidth consumption)
  3. What should Africa’s position be on zero-rating? What recommendations would you make to facilitate low or zero-cost access to the internet and how could these be sustained?
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