Accommodation and Venue

Tamassa Resort

Costal Road, Bel Ombre, Mauritius
Tel: +230603 7300

Airport transfers in Mauritius

Airport transfers will be provided on arrival and departure by Thompsons Mauritius. Upon arrival a representative from Thompsons Mauritius holding a paging board that says APC/NEPAD GROUP will be there to meet you. A number to reach them in case of emergency will be provided to you before travel. Should you not meet up with the arranged airport transfer, you will be liable to pay your own airport transfer costs


All meals will be provided at the hotel. The group package offered by Tamassa includes the following:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurant

  • Tea and coffee facilities in the room

  • A selection of local beverages including water, tea, coffee and soft drinks

  • A selection of drinks from the mini bar

  • Tea/coffee and sweet local goodies from 16h00 to 17h00

  • Local snack served with evening drinks

Dietary and Special Requirements

If you have not done so already, please inform us before you travel if you have any special dietary requirements – vegetarian, halal and food allergies, and of other health and special requirements that you might have.

International Travel

Please call your airline or access its website before you travel to request your seat and meal preferences, if we were not able to pre-book aisle or window seats for you. Your ticket was either issued by KEY Travel ( , BCD Travel ( or Travel Company ( Log into the airline website and enter the airlines booking reference on your e-ticket to change or book a seat.

When travelling please remember to bring:

  • your passport (Passports should be valid for at least six months from date of departure)

  • a copy of your electronic air ticket

  • your itinerary

  • your official letterof invitation

  • confirmed hotel booking (this will be send to you before travel)

  • the logistics advisory (a detailed one with all important number will be e-mailed to you)

  • yellow fever certificate (if it is a requirement)

  • medication for all your known health needs

Visa requirements

Entry visa for Mauritius is a requirement for people from certain countries. Please ensure that you have a visa if you come from any of these countries. You can verify this here.

Yellow Fever Certificate

Please check if there are any health requirements before departure. If you travel from or through some countries a Yellow Fever Certificate is required to enter Mauritius. If you happen to come from or travel through one of these countries, please note that you need to get your inoculation 10 days before travel. Information on countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission can be found here.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that all participants obtain travel insurance for their trip. Kindly ensure that this insurance covers the date of departure from your country until the date of your return. Participants are expected to cover their own travel insurance.

More information on Mauritius

Mauritius is located approximately 2000 kilometers to the south eastern coast of Africa and lies east of Madagascaron 20°5, 57.5E. The country covers an area of 1865km with 330 kilometers of coastline. Mauritius is 45km in width and 65km in length.

Climate & Time Zone
Mauritius has only two seasons with minimal differences between them, making Mauritius a perfect year round destination. The temperature on the coastal areas varies between 22°C in winter (May-Oct) and 34°C in summer (Nov – Apr). The sea temperature varies between 24°C and 28°C. In the central part of the island, the maximum daytime temperature varies from about 19°C in August to about 26°C in February. The western and northern regions are warmer and relatively drier than the East and the South. The island is prone to tropical cyclones, which occur between December and February. Mauritius is two hours ahead of South African standard time.

Currency & Tipping
The monetary unit is the Mauritian Rupee (Rs.). It is advisable to travel with Mauritian Rupee, Euros or US Dollars. Any of the major currencies can be exchanged at Mauritius Airport where one will receive a more favourable rate of exchange than at the hotels.

Most hotels have safety deposit boxes in the bedrooms, making it easier to access your money or documents. We highly recommend the use of the hotel safe to ensure your belongings are secure.

The electricity supply in Mauritius is 220v AC with 3 square flat pin plugs. (British plug)

Population & Language
Just over a million people live on the island of Mauritius. The population is composed of descendants of European, Indian, Muslim, Chinese and African origin who came to the island during the 17th and 18th centuries. The result is a mosaic of race, religion, culture and language. The locals speak French and Creole with English widely spoken.


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