Practicum resources

1. AU Data Policy Framework
Africa Union

2. The Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa (2020-2030)
Africa Union

Internet governance history

3. Internet Governance: Past, Present and Future
Global Public Policy Institute

4. Internet Governance in the Global South

5. The History of Internet Governance

Internet governance – basics, global processes and policy making

6. Internet Governance Glossary

7. Internet Governance Outlook 2022: A Global Digital Compact or a Bifurcated Cyberspace?
Wolfgang Kleinwaechter

8. Making ICT Policy in Africa – An Introductory Handbook
Sekoetlane Phamodi (ed) / Authors: Sekoetlane Phamodi, Michael Power, Avani Singh

Internet architecture

9. How the Internet Really Works – An Illustrated Guide to protocols, privacy, censorship, and governance
Article 19 / Mallory Knodel (Contributor), Ulrike Uhlig (Contributor), Niels ten Oever (Contributor), Corinne Cath

Digital publics

10. What happens to African digital publics when platforms fold?
Scott Timcke and David Mastey

Meaningful connectivity / gender digital divide

11. To Close Africa’s Digital Divide, Policy Must Address the Usage Gap
Jane Munga / Carnegie

12. Understanding the Gender Gap in the Global South
After Access

13. The Costs of Exclusion Economic Consequences of the Digital Gender Gap

14. Internet Universality Indicators

Gender and ICTs

15. Feminist Digital Economy – Workshop Report
Research ICT Africa

16. Alternate realities, Alternate internet – African Feminist Research for a Feminist Internet

Platform Governance

17. Digital Platform Governance and the Challenges for Trust and Safety (3 parts)
Research ICT Africa

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

18. Platform problems and regulatory solutions: findings from a comprehensive review of existing studies and investigations

19. Content Moderation and Freedom of Expression: Bridging the Gap between Social Media and Local Civil Society


20. The right to privacy in the digital age

Artificial Intelligence

21. Artificial Intelligence in Africa: Emerging Challenges
Abejide Ade-Ibijola & Chinedu Okonkwo

22. Responsible AI in Africa—Challenges and Opportunities
Chinasa T. Okolo, Kehinde Aruleba, George Obaido

Data protection, data governance, data flows

23. Assessing Digitalization and Data Governance Issues in Africa
Idris Ademuyiwa and Adedeji Adeniran

24. Why we need to unlock data’s potential responsibly and inclusively
Adedeji Adeniran & Ezra Ihezie

25. Cross-Border Data Flows In Africa: Policy Considerations for the AFCFTA Protocol on Digital Trade
Alexander Beyleveld and Franziska Sucker

26. Data Regulation in Africa: Free Flow of Data, Open Data Regimes and Cybersecurity
Hanani Hlomani and Caroline B. Ncube

27. Data Protection Legal Regime and Data Governance in Africa: An Overview
Olumide Babalola

28. Data Protection Africa
ALT Advisory

29. Data protection laws in Africa: What you need to know
CIO Africa

30. Privacy and Personal Data Protection in Africa: A Rights-Based Survey of Legislation in Eight Countries
Fola Odufuwa and Rebecca Ryakitimbo

31. Digital Economy Report 2021

32. Inside the Digital Society: Data, data everywhere…
David Souter

Cybersecurity and cybercrime

33. Africa’s participation in international processes on cybersecurity and cybercrime

34. Cyber Crime & Cyber Security Trends in Africa
African Union Commission (AUC) and Symantec

35. African Cyberthreat Assessment Report 2023

36. The Risks of AI-Cybersecurity Gaps to the Developmental State Project
Research ICT Africa

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