Pria Chetty is the founder and director of EndCode, a network of tech law and policy stakeholders in various African cities. She is a technology law and policy advisor to public and private sector organisations, developing country governments and international organisations. In 2007, Pria founded a leading South African technology law firm which was acquired by Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2011. She currently serves as a member of regional and international expert groups and advisory boards including the BRICS Cybersecurity Expert Group and the Southern African Innovation Network and is an Associate at the Global Cybersecurity Centre at Oxford University.

We – Africans, in particular – need to understand the current rules that inform Internet governance and how we wish to participate in shifts in Internet governance, or face exclusion from decision-making on the future of the/our Internet. That is perhaps the overriding byte that emerged from the African School for Internet Governance this year.

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