Interview with Gbenga Sesan: “What is important in the digital rights campaign in Nigeria and beyond is ensuring that the connection between rights and people’s day-to-day experiences is made”

On the sidelines of the Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) held 16-17 May, African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG) organiser Koliwe Majama caught up with Gbenga Sesan, director of Nigeria-based Paradigm Initiative. Gbenga is an AfriSIG alumnus, having attended the inaugural

Overview of the EuroSIG2018 and AfriSIG2018 Internet Society’s Collaborative internet governance project workshop experience

The Internet Society’s Collaborative Internet Governance Project Workshop, facilitated by Larry Strickling and Fiona Asonga of the Internet Society (ISOC), evaluates different negotiation processes by exploring multiple case studies and scenarios. The purpose of the event is to help fellows

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