SESSION: What is internet governance? History, issues and why it matters for social, political and economic development in Africa

SESSION: Digitalisation, data and the digital economy in Africa

1st Practicum session: Introduction to the practicum – Guidelines for multistakeholder implementation of the AU Data Policy Framework

SESSION: Data and development: Concepts, issues, approaches and the state of data policy in Africa and the 2022 AU Data Policy Framework

SESSION: Overview of the IG ecosystem in Africa: The institutional context at national, regional and global level, strategies, roles, relationships and the multistakeholder approach

2nd Practicum session: Stakeholder groups present their initial ideas and positions

SESSION: The state of access in Africa and the power of community-centred connectivity: How the unconnected are connecting themselves and the story of the Kenyan Community Network License

SESSION: The African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms and the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression (2019)

SESSION: A human rights-based approach to access to the internet and internet governance: Principles, frameworks, laws, mechanisms and institutions

SESSION: Digital exclusion, gender equality and diversity in the context of internet governance

SESSION: The internet, media freedom and diversity and the safety of journalists in Africa

SESSION; Technology, climate change and environmental justice

3rd Practicum session: Practicum plenary – Stakeholder groups will present their text contributions to the outcome document

SESSION: How does the Internet work

SESSION: Internet names and numbers and the institutions that look after them

SESSION: In conversation with Nigerian internet governance practitioners

SESSION: Current challenges in internet policy and regulation: Content, platforms and AI

SESSION: Data localisation and sovereignty, trends, opportunities and risks

4th Practicum session: Plenary and negotiations – Groups to agree on text of the first full draft of the output document

SESSION: Current processes in global and regional cybersecurity and cybercrime

SESSION:.Cybersecurity and cybercrime: A regional perspective

SESSION: The UNESCO Internet Universality Indicators: What they are and how to use them

SESSION: Human-centric and human rights-based approaches to cybersecurity capacity development in Africa – Do they help or hinder in relation to the goal of a secure, stable cyberspace in Africa? What roles do we all need to play in this process?

5th Practicum session: Final plenary – Negotiations on final text of the output document

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